Packages for companies

Free package options

  • allows you to use search engine
  • without registration by the results you can see only the nr. of available aircrew
  • with registration by the results you can see limited qualifications of a candidate (Total flight hourses; Type of license; Qualification; Visa; Licences)
  • you have no access to the qualifications, name, picture and any contact details of the candidate

5 CV-s to download

  • allows you to use the search engine
  • by the results you can see the full qualifications of a candidate (flight hours, languages spoken etc.)
  • you can download 5 selected candidates’ CV-s for 149 €, it provides you full access to their profile incl. contact details (this option is available upto 3 months after the payment or by downloading the 5 CV)

Recruitment service

  • validation
  • contacted and interviewed the candidates
  • shortlisted the best 3 candidates
  • contact the parties
  • for short term settlement fee is 7% of the salary for the period
  • for long term settlement fee is 6% of the annual salary