The Simple Answers Why FlyingFreelance Has Become the Go-To Solution for Professional Aviation Employment!

Air Crew: If you are looking for a company where your flying career dreams can flourish, you have come to the right place! If you need more than a job, if you need a career, our revolutionary personnel sourcing software will allow you to quickly upload your personal information and profile. As soon as you do that, you merely push a button and our software sorts through career postings that match your qualifications.

Once that process is complete all we ask is that you continue to update your schedule and availability so we can help you quickly find the job you need.

Aviation Companies: The same reasons why Pilots and Air Crew members come to us looking for employment apply to you and your company looking for vetted, qualified, competent employees.

We all know that the entire aviation industry is struggling to find qualified, experienced, serious candidates for short or long term employment.

After interviewing hundreds of aviation professionals we have found that the most important factors for aviation companies are a candidates immediate availability, a high level of experience and flight hours, and a willingness and ability to work for the short and/or the long term.

When you access the system it sends a request for as many as 5- 10 qualified, available employees who will respond within minutes since our clients continually monitor our system, looking for career positions.

We look forward to having you on our team...

Thank you,
FlyingFreelance Team


Andras Fekete

Andras Fekete Founder, Pilot

Roland Gergacz

Roland Gergacz Founder, Engineer

Dávid Blaskovics

Dávid Blaskovics Founder, Engineer

Timur Csillik

Timur Csillik Founder, Engineer


Attila Fekete

Attila Fekete IT leader


Csaba Panacz web developer


Norbert Pinter web developer

Attila Fekete

Szilard Lukacsi mobile developer

Marketing & Sales

Zsolt Szigeti

Zsolt Szigeti Marketing director


Eszter Szigeti-Kovacs online marketing expert


Zsanett Hornyak social media manager


Rudolf Hillerbrand PPC manager

Herédi Karolina

Karolina Herédi Senior sales manager


Registered office address: Petofi Sandor street 31., 9444 Fertoszentmiklos - Hungary


Company number: 08-09-030495

Company type: Limited Liability Company

Director: Roland Gergacz